Ammonium Bromide manufactured by Yogi Intermediates is in high demand in Iraq, so they manufacture the product at its in-house laboratory. The product is prepared by combining hydrogen bromide with ammonia. It can also be prepared by the reaction of ammonia with iron bromide (II) or iron bromide (III) which is obtained by passing the aqueous bromine solution over iron fillings. The chemical takes into account the requirements of a few businesses and is effortlessly dissolvable in water and at standard with global benchmarks. The chemical is made with most extreme precision and with top notch crude materials from understood merchants of the industry. Our superior quality Ammonium Bromide can be availed in below mentioned cities of Iraq.

Baghdab Mosul Basra Ramadi
Erbil Fallujah Kirkuk Najaf
Karbala Nasiriyah Tikrit Samarra
Baiji Hillah Sulaymaniyah Baqubah
Kut Tal Afar Samawah Miqdadiyah
Kufa Al Diwaniyah Balad Umm Qasrr
Az Zubayr Zakho Dahuk Haditha
Al-Qa’im Amarah Al-Shamiya Sinjar
Afak Halabja Babylon Khanaqin
Ammonium Bromide in Iraq

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