Ammonium Bromide in Yemen

Backed by a vast industrial experience, we have the expertise to offer a range of high quality pharmaceutical chemicals Ammonium Bromide in Yemen. These products find applications in pharmaceutical, dyes and paint, rubber, plastic and construction industries. Our chemicals are highly appreciated by our clients for their precise pH value, purity and accurate composition. Ammonium bromide is often used as an intermediate source of bromide ion in laboratory processes and pharmaceutical preparations. . It finds application in fireproofing of wood and lithography. Our superior quality Ammonium Bromide can be availed in below mentioned cities of Yemen.

Sana’a Taiz Aden Al Hudaydah
Mukalla Ibb Zabid Zinjibar
Sayyan Dhamar Baytt al-Faqih Shibam
Ataq Ash Shihr Mocha Seiyun
Yarim Al Ghaydah Thula Beihan
Sufal Al Houta Al Mahwit Hajjah
Al Bayda Mudiyah Tarim Amran
Az Zayddiyah Kawkaban Harad Mukayras
Manakhah Al Hajjarah Hutayb Dammaj
Wadi Dawan Hadibu Najran

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