Ammonium Bromide Powder Manufacturer in india

Ammonium Bromide

Ammonium bromide chemical formula in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

We are the prominent manufacturers and suppliers of high quality Bromide compounds such as potassium bromide, sodium bromide, and ammonium bromide powder and calcium bromide liquid in India.

Our Bromide compounds products are hugely chosen in the Domestic and International market over our competitor’s products. This is because we formulate our products Ammonium Bromide accurately with high consistency. Quality is a very important aspect to us. We fully focus on the quality while the formulating our products, right from the procurement of the raw-material till the packaging of the final product.

Ammonium Bromide powder

Ammonium Bromide Manufacturer

Yogi Intermediates Pvt. Ltd. Is one of the leading Ammonium Bromide Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter in India. Ammonium Bromide powder is generally immediately available in most volumes. High purity, submicron and nanopowder forms may be considered. With the purpose to be the main amongst all competitors, our company is presenting and exporting our cautiously made Ammonium Bromide and different chemical substances to the diverse chemical, pharmaceutical, laboratories and different industries at very cheaper and low cost rate range. Ammonium Bromide MSDS, ammonium bromide powder in India.

Ammonium bromide powder (NH4Br) is the ammonium salt of hydrobromic acid. The chemical matures in prisms which are colorless, proudly owning a salty taste. It sublimes while heated and may be very without difficulty soluble withinside the water. For the secure and natural first-rate of this Ammonium Bromide Compound, you could contact us from the any international locations of world and we can supply this product to you very directly with the safe packaging.

Ammonium Bromide Powder

Ammonium Bromide India
Ammonium Bromide Manufacturer
Ammonium Bromide manufacturer in india
Sodium Bromide Powder, CAS No -7647-15-6

Ammonium Bromide Exporter

Our Ammonium Bromine compounds are extremely demanded in the international market because of its precise formulation and consistent and excellently high purity level. We produce our products utilizing incredibly excellent quality and pure raw-material that are sample tested while they are procured. We test them with our latest technology based equipment’s like Gas Chromatography (GC) & Titrator. In addition to that, they are made under the supervision of our qualified and experienced professionals.

We are chiefly engaged in Ammonium Bromide powder manufacturing and exporting the best quality of Bromide powder in India, Kuwait, Abu Dubai, Qatar, Thailand, Bahrain, Nigeria, Spain, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Ukrain, Germany and Oman. Our product range includes potassium Bromide Powder, Sodium Bromide Powder, and Ammonium bromide Powder and calcium bromide liquid etc.

Detailed Specification of Our Ammonium Bromide Compound

Brand Yogi Intermediates
ProductAmmonium Bromide powder
Cas No.7789-32-4
Mol. Wt.97.95
Mol. FormulaNH4Br
AppearanceWhite Free Flowing Powder
Purity By NV99.0 % MIN. by NV
Chloride Content0.3% MAX
Ph6.5 to 7.5
SolubilitySoluble In Water
Packing25 kg Net in Hdpe Bags With Liner Inside

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