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With rich industry encounter our association is engaged with manufacturing, supplying and exporting out the unrivaled nature of Ammonium Bromide in Algeria. The manufactured ammonium bromide is the ammonium salt of hydrobromic corrosive. The substance solidifies in boring crystals, having a saline taste; it sublimes on warming and is effectively dissolvable in water. The item is set up by the response of smelling salts with iron bromide which might be acquired by ignoring fluid bromine arrangement press filings. Ammonium bromide is utilized for photography in movies, plates and papers; in insulating of wood; in lithography and process etching; in consumption inhibitors; and in pharmaceutical arrangements. Our superior quality Ammonium Bromide can be availed in below mentioned cities of Algeria.

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TlemcenGhardaiaBatna, AlgeriaTamanrasset
Bab EzzouarMostaganemTouggourtEl Oued
BiskraBarikaOuarglaEl Eulma
Ain SefraAin QusseraAin BeidaSkikda
El KhroubBejaiaMessaadMedea
Es SeniaChlefKhemis MilianaBir el Ater
AflouBordj El KiffanBaraki, AlgiersBlida
Sidi MoussaAzazgaBoufarikAin Touta
SougueurBougaraAzzaba AlgeriaMeftah
Beni SafSedrataLakhdariaFrenda