N-Propyl Bromide, also known as 1-bromopropane, 106-94-5, N-Propyl bromide, Propyl bromide, bromopropane, 1-bromo-propane with Molecular Formula of C3H7Br, and is a colorless liquid with a characteristics hydrocarbon odor. It is soluble in organic solvents and soluble in water. We are offering N-Propyl bromide to our clients. We offer these chemicals at market leading responsible price.

N-Propyl bromide witnesses a large demand from several end-use industries majorly pharmaceuticals, pigments and dyes, and agrochemicals, as an intermediate in inorganic synthesis.

N-Propyl bromide, 1 Bromopropane, c106-94-5

N-Propyl bromide Specification:-

Product Name N-Propyl bromide
Synonym 1 Bromopropane
CAS No 106-94-5
Mol. Formula C3H7Br
Appearance Clear Colorless Liquid
Purity By GC Min 99.9%
Density 1.345 -1.365
Iso Propyl Bromide GC Max 0.05%
N-Propanol GC Max 0.01%
Di -N Propyl Ether GC Max 0.05%
Moisture Max 0.10%
PH 6-7

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