N-Butyl Bromide is known as Bromobutane, N Butyl Bromide Cas no 109-65-9 manufacturer, supplier in India, N-Butyl Bromide for Hyoscine butyl bromide, n-Butylbromide, 1-Bromobutane, 1-bromo-, 1-Butyl bromide, 1-BROMO-BUTANE, N-BUTYL BROMIDE with Empirical Formula of CH3(CH2)3Br and Molecular Weight of 137.03. It is prepared from n-butyl alcohol & hydrobromic-sulfuric acid aggregate and is available in form of clear colourless to pale straw-colored liquid.

N-Butyl Bromide Technical Specification

Product Name N-Butyl Bromide
Synonym 1-Bromotoluene
CAS #: 109-65-9
Empirical Formula: CH3(CH2)3Br
M.W.: 137.03
Appearance: Clear Colorless Liquid
Purity By GC: Min 99%
Density: 1.2676
Melting point -112
Boiling Point 101-102
Moisture 300ppm Max.
Flashpoint 6-7

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