Potassium bromide powder

Potassium Bromide is utilized in mixture with Copper complexes as warmness stabilizer in Polyamide compounds, in which excessive thermal balance throughout the products lifestyles cycle is needed. The principal packages of such warmness stabilized polyamides are in automobile under-the-hood elements and area of expertise fibers.

We are leading manufacturer, supplier of Potassium Bromide powder in India. It is a white crystalline powder and also is water-soluble in nature. Our Potassium bromide compounds are highly valued in the market due to their high precision in formulation as well as the high quality of the products.

Potassium Bromide Compound Manufacturer in Anand, Gujarat

Potassium Bromide Powder Specification

Product NamePotassium bromide powder
CAS No.7758-02-03
Mol. Wt.119
Molecular FormulaKBr.
AppearanceWhite Free Flowing Powder
Purity by NV0.5% MAX
Chloride Content0.3% MAX.
Moisture By K/F0.5% MAX.
SolubilitySoluble In Water
Packing25 kg Net in Hdpe Bags With Liner Inside