Yogi intermediates are one of the largest manufacturer and supplier of Bromobenzene Cas no 108-86-1Bromobenzene for Bifentherin Alcohol, pesticide, Pharma Grade. The liquid is an aryl halide, which can be formed by electro philic aromatic substitution of benzene the use of bromine. Clear Colorless to Pale Yellow Liquid, this liquid is correctly composed and secure to use. Moreover, the term Bromobenzene is widely used for referring benzene that accommodates any quantity of bromine atoms or with extra substituent.

Bromobenzene Largest manufacturer supplier in India is organic halogen compounds of cyclic aromatics formed with the aid of using replacing hydrogen atoms in benzene by 1-6 atoms of bromine. Used as a solvent and reactant in natural synthesis and agrochemical intermediate.

Best Bromobenzene for pesticide in Kolkata, West Bengal

Bromobenzene Technical Specification

Product NameBromobenzene
CAS #:108-86-1
Empirical Formula:C6H5Br
Appearance:Clear Colorless to Pale Yellow Liquid
Purity By GC:Min 99%
Melting point-31°C -156°C
Boiling Point156°C
Moisture0.1% Max.