Ammonium Bromide in Bahrain

Sponsored by a tremendous mechanical affair, we have the mastery to offer a scope of brilliant pharmaceutical synthetic concoctions Ammonium Bromide in Bahrain. These items discover applications in pharmaceutical, colors and paint, elastic, plastic and development businesses. Our customers for their exact pH esteem, immaculateness and precise organization exceedingly value our synthetic concoctions. Ammonium bromide is regularly utilized as a halfway wellspring of bromide particle in lab procedures and pharmaceutical arrangements.  It discovers application in insulating of wood and lithography. Our predominant quality Ammonium Bromide can be availed in below mentioned cities of Bahrain.

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Ammonium Bromide Exporter, Supplier in Bahrain

ManamaRiffaMuharraqIsa Town
Hamad TownJidhafsA’aliBudaiya
Al HiddAdliyaDar KulaibZallaq
DirazGudaibiyaBani JamraJasra
JanabiyahDumistanAl MarkhJurdab
JannusanBu QuwahShakhuraMuqaba
Al QadamAbu BahamSalmabadBusaiteen
Al QalaAbu SaibaShahrakanAwali